How to Join the PaperHelp Writer Team and the Benefits of Working with the Service

How to Join PaperHelp Team

Hello again, how’s it been? I hope you are ready to be surprised because I’m in the mood for something different today. You know me as a strict but fair paper service reviewer who’s always on the side of users and ready to stick my neck out and test the best so you can get the bestest. Yet it wasn’t always like this. Like most students, I used to be broke, and far from having any cash to splash, I had to hustle to make ends meet. At some point, I was a paper writer. Like, a real ghost academic writer for hire. On the inside. One of the helpers. Shocker, I know. Yet this experience was exactly what gave me a unique perspective on the industry and its inner workings. That’s why I am so relentless when I come across a slapdash, overpriced paper. I was the one writing those. I know it’s hard – that’s not an excuse for lazy cash grabs.

Anyway, I thought that some of you might be interested not only in buying papers but in writing them to supplement your income, so I decided to share this part of my experience with you.

I worked for several companies, but my favorite that I can wholeheartedly recommend to you to this day remains PaperHelp, and here is why.

How PaperHelp Selects Academic Writers

PaperHelp is a great place to work where you can learn how to be a better academic writer, explore new topics, and gain valuable transferable skills you will need as a professional in any field like time management, planning, responsibility, commitment, communication, and teamwork – and, of course, earn some money. Yet they won’t hire just anyone. Here is how it goes.

First, you need to apply. The best way is to reach out via email at Don’t forget to indicate “WRITER APPLICATION” as a subject because this is one busy inbox they have there. If you want to look like a pro from the start, write a short cover letter telling why you believe you are a fitting candidate and attach a resume with more detailed information.

If you’ve been convincing, the Paper Help team will get back to you, requesting copies of your diplomas, certificates, or other documents that prove your academic credentials, language proficiency, relevant writing experience, etc. You didn’t expect them to take your word on it, did you?

If all that is in order, there will be some tests. As the company is international and operates online, everything will be done remotely. First, you will be supplied with tutorials on the basics of academic writing, style guides, citations, etc., and a primer on how things work within PaperHelp. I advise you to study it carefully because there will be a timed test to find out how well you’ve absorbed this information.

They will want to test how well you perform under time pressure, so you will be asked to write a timed essay – a short one or two-page long piece, so don’t stress out about it, just do your best.

That can be enough to start your probation period at Paper Help. There might be a videoconference interview, but it’s an optional step that is often skipped.

That’s it! If everything goes okay, you will join the team as a trainee with experienced writers supervising you and helping you to manage your workload and communicate with clients. Usually, within a month, give or take, you will have 10 to 15 successfully completed papers and ready to be inaugurated as a staff writer.

What It Takes to Join the PaperHelp Writers Team

This doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? Yet you might still be worrying, “How good must I be to join the Paper Help team? What credentials are mandatory? What experience is considered relevant?” and so on. Let’s clarify this.

First of all, perfect command of written English. Preference is given to native speakers from traditionally English-speaking countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. That said, Paper Help hires internationally, and ESL writers are welcome – as long as they can deliver eloquent papers with flawless grammar and spelling. For example, I am bilingual Latina with Spanish as a first language. Still, I was fluent enough in English to pass all the tests with flying colors. By the way, my Spanish became a nice bonus for papers on comparative linguistics. Yes, I am that smart and have a degree to prove it, y’all.

This brings me to the second requirement: academic credentials. Nailed the smooth transition! Now you see why they hired me? Anyway. You must be at least one level above the educational group you will write for. For example, to write high school essays, you must be enrolled in college, so your certificate of enrollment is your credentials. If you are going to write at the undergraduate level, you must complete a bachelor’s program, etc.

When you apply, you shall also indicate the subjects that constitute your sphere of competence. In lay terms, what you are good at. That’s the subjects and themes you should be prepared to cover as a writer, as those will show up on your writer profile and be used to match you with relevant orders. It’s in your best interests to indicate them as faithfully to the truth as possible. If you are too modest, you risk missing out on great opportunities, but if you are overconfident, your lack of knowledge in certain areas will become evident pretty soon.

Next, writing experience. Of course, as a student, you might not necessarily have professional experience as a writer, but something must have given you the idea you could be good at it. For example, you’ve won an award for your narrative essay, have a blog, write for a non-profit, or have a consistently good academic record. Mention it in your cover letter, and if you have some sample papers you are proud to showcase, send them along with your resume, they won’t go amiss.

Last but not least, time management. You must be prepared to plan your work precisely and finish papers dead on time. Discipline was the hardest thing for me to master, but it turned out that I am way more responsible and hardworking when someone else’s interest is on the line instead of mine. I just hated the thought of letting someone down. I’m a people pleaser, and working with PaperHelp turned it into my superpower.

Why Choose PaperHelp to Work as an Academic Essay Writer

I already mentioned some of the benefits of working as an academic writer, but – and I cannot stress this enough – not all services are created equal. Here is why I advise you to become one of the PaperHelp writers in particular:

  • Growth

The company encourages and rewards growth. When you start, you enter as a “Basic” writer, but if your papers are consistently good and your style evolves, you can progress to an “Advanced” or even “TOP” category pretty fast. What does it mean for you? Better earnings and stimulating assignments that are more interesting to work on as a professional.

  • Excellent feedback

As a newbie, you are supervised and trained, so you never feel alone or left to fend for yourself (an unpleasant experience I had with a couple of other services). More experienced writers, editors, and QA agents give you feedback on what can be improved or how to work more efficiently. If your work is good, they will also let you know! In fact, I’ve received “fan mail” that support agents forwarded to me from happy customers, and nothing could motivate me better.

  • Good money

Okay, a pat on the head is good, but you cannot eat it. Money is undeniably the main incentive. This is, of course, subjective and might depend on your skill level and speed of work, but I used to earn enough with PaperHelp to pay my bills and rent split between me and my flatmate. I suppose if I chose to work for the service full-time, I could fully support myself and someone dependent on me.

  • Steady flow of orders

This is a benefit of working for a big and popular service as opposed to freelancing or dealing with smaller companies – there are always orders. Big, small, urgent, regular – you can pick what is the most relevant and plan your load without fear of missing out and not making it to the bottom line at the end of the month.

  • Flexibility

Again, as the company is big and there are many experts working for it, you don’t have pressure to always be there when they need you. Of course, when working on an active order, you must be reachable, but it’s up to you whether to take up any particular assignment or not. You can take a break when you need time. You can work your backside off when you need money. You decide how much work you need and how many assignments you can handle. Needless to say, hours are also flexible, so early birds and night owls will find them equally accommodating.

My Experience as a Part of the PaperHelp Team

Now, I work independently and manage several digital projects of my own, but I will always remember the time I worked for Paper Help fondly because I’ve learned so much. They taught me how to become a good academic writer. They gave me confidence and trust in my skills. They showed me the importance of well-organized business operations for a smooth-running company. They confirmed my deeply held belief that hard work pays – and pays well!

Finally, they gave me an opportunity to earn good money when no one would even respond to my internship application because, unlike others, they don’t hire a mile-long resume – they hire talent. They understand that people are the greatest asset.

All the time I worked for them, I never once doubted that the company had my back. It’s an amazing balance for the business to maintain – doing what’s best for both employees and customers because when I returned as a customer for a review, I felt the same familiar care. I suppose the secret is fairness. If you are a good specialist and an honest, hardworking employee, they treat you as a treasure you are. If, however, you shirk your responsibilities or try to find easy shortcuts, they suss it out and just don’t let you take advantage of the system. Same with customers. Same with everyone.

Okay, it’s time to round up this review before I tear up from all the memories because it was an era in my life, and some personal stuff was going on as well. Paper Help is a fantastic company to work for, and I recommend them to you if you ever want to monetize your knack for coining a good phrase. I hope my review will bring the company that always has a special place in my heart some incredibly talented new writers!

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