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Okay, my lovely studying enthusiasts. Today’s post will be a bit different because the service I am about to review is nothing short of extraordinary. There will be no description of MagicLearning order and no comparison to other services – for a simple reason that there is nothing to compare it to! Intrigued? Let’s get this ball rolling!

MagicLearning Samples Database: The Aladdin’s Cave of Academic Paper Examples

The reason why MagicLearning is sort of an outlier among the companies I usually review is that it’s not a writing service. It is an online library of papers. What’s so unique about it? There are a few things:

  • Academic papers – essays, case studies, term papers, lab reports, theses – all that jazz. It’s not for scholars to show off their achievements; it’s for students who need examples to write their assignments.
  • The samples are downloadable – unlike in any other library, you get to keep your favorite items even if you cancel the membership. I know, right?
  • The volume is mindboggling – over 1 million samples to date and counting.

The coolest thing about it being a library is that you aren’t going to be in trouble for using it! Unless, of course, you copy and submit someone’s paper and get caught on plagiarism. Then again, the same fate would befall you if you copied anything from a book in a regular library, so no huge difference there.

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MagicLearning Company: Let’s Talk Business

A million samples is an impressive offering. For comparison, the Seattle Public Library boasts 2.3 million items, including everything from classic tomes to cookbooks to magazines, across its 27 branches. Here you have a narrow focus – 1 million exclusively selected academic papers in one place. Nothing to sneeze at!

Luckily, you can retrieve anything you look for with ease by just typing in your inquiry into the search bar. If you don’t need any specific topic but want to look at how, say, 7-pages-long research papers can be written and structured, you can select them precisely with the help of filters.

I’ve played around for hours with what I can find, browsing through topic categories (Art, Career, Politics, Tech, etc.), paper types (essay, research paper, case study, thesis, etc.), paper length, keywords, and all possible combinations of the above. That’s some academic Disneyland, guys. The creators of this database knew how to make things work for students!

The price for a month is a bit steep, but if you take a 6-month subscription, it becomes quite affordable – just $15 per month when you do simple math. This is, however, quite a commitment, so no wonder the most popular option is a 3-month subscription, being the golden medium (at least, that’s what they claim on the subscription page).

I suppose it can be even lower with a MagicLearning discount code. Still, I didn’t manage to get one, no matter how long I feigned hesitation before subscribing. Maybe they will send me one as a follow-up? Stay tuned for updates!

Is Legit?

Is MagicLearning fraud? Uh-uh, no, sir. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them selfless benefactors, but they are not on the market for swindling students out of their hard-earned cheddar – that’s for sure. This service is perfectly legitimate. I’ve subscribed to a seven-day trial for this review and had no problems whatsoever canceling it before my account was charged for the entire month. I had unlimited access to the goods, and everything was hunky-dory.

MagicLearning is a more upright option for students seeking academic help. Not only is it straight, but it is safely outside of the grey zone the majority of paper writing services operate. However, I would still warn you against using your school-issued email as your login. Who knows? Maybe your college still thinks it’s inappropriate to share assignments with peers for studying.

The support was very helpful and patiently answered all my questions (even the silly ones). There is only live chat or email, however. Since I hate talking over the phone, I didn’t miss this particular channel of communication. Still, it would be nice to have that option for other, more outgoing clients.

An Overview of My MagicLearning Feedback

If you sift through a lamentably short list of academic databases, you can hardly find a service equal to essay library in size, affordability, and usability. I’ve scoured the web for some alternative opinions, but in honest, there is not much to find since the database is so new. There are some other reviews on blogs like mine – overwhelmingly positive. I’ve only met a tiny smudge of negativity in social media groups. People complained about loading speed that was lower than their expectation of the “premium.”

This service is so unique I can hardly apply my usual rating to it. There are so many different styles, genres, and voices in the base, it’s difficult to assess quality in a single digit. It isn’t all written by academics – some of the papers are clearly student-donated – but mostly, the level of writing oscillates between decent and impressive.

I must say, I was slightly miffed by the fact that there was no free trial. That week cost me a tenner, folks, so I expect you to be active in the comments, sharing, and recommending me to your friends. Just kidding – I don’t expect it, but I will appreciate your engagement. C’mon, make me a happy girl!

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MagicLearning Rating
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Usability - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Support - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Writing Quality - 9/10


MagicLearning is a goody-goody option for students who want to get help but shrink away from the custom writing services on account of being too fastidious. With an enormous variety of subjects and paper types, it does provide great value for your money – and peace of mind to the scrupulous!

This service deserves every decimal in my 9,5 out of 10 rating. MagicLearning is new and has some room to grow, but I recommend it wholeheartedly!

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