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Today I’m going to touch on the subject that might sound boring at first: safety and reliability. However, when you consider them in the context of a paper writing service, this topic never fails to ignite lively interest in readers – and no wonder! As an author of this blog, I get inquiries like “Is PaperHelp reliable?” or “Is it really safe to use this service?” all the time! After all, “safe” might be boring if we are discussing meal choices or outfit solutions, but when it comes to academic help, “safe” is like music to our ears. We want no surprises! After all, who comes to a writing company for thrills and excitement? They’d better be square!

By now, you probably know that Paper Help has a copper-bottom reputation for dependability, so I won’t tell you anything new here. Yet, as a former writer for the company, I can take you behind the scenes to show how they make Paper Help as reliable and safe as it is. Ready?

Is Paper Help Reliable? As Reliable as Sunrise!

First, let’s look at how they make PaperHelp reliable. This is the number one concern when it comes to getting writing help online. I mean, you must be sure you will get what you’ve ordered, dead on time and impeccable. In other words, you need to be sure you’ll get your money’s worth. Here is how it’s achieved:

  • Customization

The cornerstone of PaperHelp’s reliability is the “writing from scratch” approach. There are no pre-written papers for sale. Every line and every word is tailored to your assignment details, so every paper is unique. The service also encourages communication between writers and customers to make sure every tiny detail is observed.

  • QA measures

After the fruitful collaboration between you and your expert (or an inspired solo work by the said expert), the paper is submitted for quality assurance. It includes several rounds of automatic, editorial, and assignment compliance checks to make sure that it’s precisely what you’ve ordered and of the highest quality at that.

  • Anti-plag policy

Then, the paper goes through a couple more checks. Namely, originality checks and humanity checks. The service has strict rules forbidding their writers to use uncited pieces of text, including recycling their own writing, as well as using AI generation for assisted writing. Yes, they used to check for AI before it was mainstream. ChatGPT might be the new popular kid on the block, but it’s definitely not the first one of its kind. When you get your essay from PaperHelp, you get 100% original and human-written text.

  • Money-back guarantee

All the checks sound bulletproof and reassuring, but kind of cumbersome. What if you need that paper ASAP? What if you don’t have all the time in the world to wait until they run your draft through for the umpteenth time? Not to worry! The deadlines for all orders are insured! If you don’t get your paper on time, you get a full refund! You see, the service works like a well-oiled machine, and all the QA procedures are swift and efficient. Moreover, the time for QA and originality checks are included in the deadline expectations displayed when you place your order.

  • Ongoing improvements

Yet, far from being complacent, the team behind the PaperHelp service is always happy to grow and become better. They always prompt customers for feedback to identify what they could do better and how their service can become even more dependable. So, if you are a new or returning customer, drop them a line next time you receive a feedback request – they do value your opinion.

Is Paperhelp Safe? As Safe as Church!

Now for the less apparent but nonetheless critical issue of safety. How do they keep PaperHelp safe? I must admit that when it comes to cybersecurity, I am… let’s say “unenlightened” – that’s the kindest way to put it. Okay, maybe “naïve and trusting” are also good expressions to convey the meaning.

Like, I don’t click on suspicious links and don’t answer emails from supposed royalty temporarily embarrassed for cash, but that’s just common sense. That’s why I was absolutely blown away when the agents answering for data security at PaperHelp opened my eyes to the types of dangers lurking online – and how they secure customers against them.

  • SSL encryption against data theft

Did you know that malignant third parties could intercept your data even when you exchange it with a respectable website? Ugh! That’s a thought to keep you awake at night. However, not with PaperHelp, they don’t! All data on the website are safely encrypted, so you can send and receive information and files, being 100% sure no one is snooping. Clever!

  • Safe payment processing platform

Another point of vulnerability for you online is checkout. Your financial information is about as sensitive as it gets, so you must be double-sure it’s well-protected. What does PaperHelp do to ensure the safety of your data?

They follow PCI DSS protocols for financial operations and credit card security, a global golden standard. Without it, the internet would have been a Wild West. There are doorstoppers of reference guides, security standards, and requirements that one must meet to be PCI DSS compliant, so I am not sure I am well equipped to explain it all in a few simple terms. However, what I can say without a shadow of a doubt is that PaperHelp checks all the boxes; otherwise, they would be stripped of the “compliant” title in the blink of an eye – as would be any other platform that is less than flawless.

  • Unambiguous privacy policy

Encryption and protocols sound reliable enough, but nothing beats good old trust. Can you trust these guys? You can because discretion is their stock and trade. Complete anonymity is guaranteed to every customer, and everything you share with the company is confidential. Moreover, they don’t even require any information that could identify you – no real name, address, school, or any such specifics. The only thing that is needed from you is an email – and it can be any address you have access to. You can even create a fresh mailbox specifically designated for correspondence with PaperHelp and use it under an alias. No other information is requested.

That’s it! I hope I wasn’t too boring today. I tried to explore this uncharted territory with you to the best of my ability because I am more of a creative type, and it’s all Greek to me. Yet, I am the first to acknowledge the genius behind all those clever security algorithms! Good job, PaperHelp.

Stay safe, and until next time!

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