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One word which defines is “confusing.” There are confusingly many services, offers, and paid subscription plans to choose from. Intended to look like a sample database, at every opportunity StudentShare tries to sell writing assistance.

Overall, is an online company that not only provides college and university students with essay writing help but also offers an array of services and tools, including a database of paid and free essays to be used as writing templates. Is StudentShare legit? Will its samples help you craft a stellar paper of your own? Find out in my outright review.


Student Share Overview: Essay Database, Writing Services, Free Writing Tools

As soon as you open the website, you can’t help but notice how overloaded it looks. Aside from free samples, there’re several more types of products and services fighting to get your attention. Premium essays, paid editing and writing services (from simple essays and test answers to complex admission papers), free writing assistance tools, and the FAQ section are all there with more options in the smaller drop-down panels.

studentshare premium essays

Although the database of free samples has several filters (by keywords, academic level, number of pages, etc.), it doesn’t work to any extent satisfactorily, providing little to no search results. However, I kept receiving a persistent offer to have my paper custom written. It gives an impression that the free database exists only to attract website visitors who will then be convinced to pay for various services.

studentshare services

My suspicion grew stronger after seeing the offers in the Premium section. Let’s admit it: offering free samples to attract potential buyers is not unheard of among academic companies. Yet, such StudentShare offers as “hiding” a document to prevent others from using it or rewriting to avoid plagiarism look rather questionable.

Searching through the database of free samples does work if you open catalogs by subjects and document types on the home page. Notice that StudentShare requires creating an account to download or view any free or premium full-text sample.

This StudentShare review wouldn’t be complete without a word on the company’s customer support service. One can contact StudentShare only via phone or email. Live on-site chat and the ability to get quick answers to your questions are only available to those who buy writing services. I sent an email to the support team asking how to cancel my subscription. The reply arrived an hour later and contained a brief instruction that sounded polite but impersonal.


StudentShare Free VS Premium Essays owns an impressive number of essay samples. When searching for an apt 4-page college-level work on teenage anorexia in the free database, I could see all levels of writing: from really bad and poorly structured to good enough for a Master’s level. To check if the premium database offers only brilliant pieces, I purchased a one-month subscription (the system allows to see the prices only after signing up). I can’t say that all samples there were of exceptional quality; many appeared to be mediocre, just like in a free database. To my mind, paying for premium access makes little sense.

studentshare subsciption prices

StudentShare Promo Code, Discounts, and Free Tools

To attract prospective customers, StudentShare goes incredibly generous with discounts. Right there, in the database of free samples, you’ll see a discount offer for paid custom writing.

But wait, that’s not all! As soon as you open the order form and see that the writing prices go way above average, there will appear a pop-up notification with a 20% Student Share promo code on your first order. There also is a referral program offering you money for bringing in friends, and a loyalty program, and special offers – anything to keep a customer interested!

As for the free products, you can use an on-site topic generator, GPA calculator, download essay guidelines or look through the writing blog, not to mention the free essay samples, of course.


People Talk: What Do Student Share Website Reviews Say?

Looking for other users’ feedback on, I couldn’t find too many comments. While the rating of this company on such popular sites as Trustpilot and Sitejabber is good, Student Share reviews on forums are mixed. The clients admit that the company is worth their trust, but the quality of services it provides is not always the highest.

Is Legit?

All customers – especially those going for the paid services – must be wondering: is StudentShare reliable? A quick answer would be: “Yes, it is.” Having looked at it in close-up, I’ve spotted no signs of a scam. is a legit online company that protects your confidentiality and offers interesting writing ideas. Unless you submit papers from the StudentShare sample directory as your own or purchase custom writing services with the same purpose, using this website is safe and legal. On the other hand, I can honestly tell that I’ve reviewed online writing agencies and paid sample databases that offer a broader selection of services and larger sample directories at lower prices.


StudentShare Rating
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Usability - 6/10
  • 6.5/10
    Support - 6.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Writing Quality - 7.5/10


Although tries to look like a sample database of student papers, its true goal is obviously selling you their custom writing services. You won’t see the prices for essay samples until you sign up. With all its options, offers, and comments mixed on one page, the site looks like a puzzle; as a result, there are sample databases one can use much more conveniently and with greater pleasure (for example, WowEssays Premium).

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