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Well-well-well, you’re knocking on the door of a writing agency with its own approach to academic assistance. The very idea of is to serve as a database of all types of papers for guidelines and inspiration. If you want to get a tip on formatting a persuasive essay or cannot develop a good topic, this service is the safe haven to drop an anchor. The list of paper types available here is impressive: essays, research papers, theses and dissertations, reports, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, and many more.

Besides, as a large collection of academic papers, this website provides a scrollable overview of free essays topics for your disposal. Just type in the keywords into the search bar and browse the results – the huge 123HelpMe essay number ensures that you will get hits on virtually any subject. That’s basically all there is in terms of website services. Some might say such a strategy makes the company stand out from many custom writing agencies operating on the market, but can it meet all the student’s needs?


123HelpMe Reviews and Online Reputation

I don’t put much faith in testimonials presented on sites like 123HelpMe as there is no chance to verify their legitimacy. That is why I prefer looking through reviews on trustworthy platforms like Sitejabber or Reddit. A quick search proves that 123 Help Me has a very controversial reputation online. While some students swear by the company and find it very helpful, many are unhappy with the poor paper quality. Besides, they complain about the lack of actual support, the ability to download samples, and, of course, the possibility of ordering a custom paper written from scratch and tailored to your personal requirements.

What Do You Get with 123HelpMe Premium Account

Despite quite an ordinary design with category-based navigation through the sample database, 123HelpMe is too secretive about what you need to view the full-text versions and how to use the platform to the max. At first glance, access to papers seems free as there is no visible indication about the service’s price, tariff plan, or anything like that. However, at the very moment you try to open the sample, you are prompted to log in and purchase a subscription. prices

As for the pricing policy,, in every way possible, wants you to go for a long-term subscription. Depending on the duration of the plan, the monthly fee varies from $9.95 with a yearly subscription to $29.95 with a monthly one. Besides, they offer a 7-day trial period at $7, which is a sweet spot if you wish to browse the website and check the presented papers prior to making the final decision.

The available payment options include major credit cards and PayPal. Mind, though, that there’s no actual 123HelpMe cancel membership procedure – you’ll need to wait till it expires. Respectively, refunds are not provided. I doubt such an approach stimulates customers to subscribe, but things are the way they are.


123HelpMe Free Essay Analysis Tool and Non-Existent Customer Support

Similarly to figuring out whether is 123HelpMe free, I had to go the extra mile to discover that users with an active subscription are entitled to using a free draft analyzing tool. There, you paste a text you wish to evaluate, and within seconds you get the report on grammar errors, possible plagiarism instances, and general writing issues plus an overall paper score, ranging from poor to perfect.

On the downside, even if you have an active 123HelpMe login, there’s no chance you’re getting actual support from the website’s team. Should you wonder how to get help with a registration invite code you didn’t get or want to inquire about what payment processor they use, the only way you can reach out to the company is by sending a brief message via the online contact form – not even a Live Chat! As I haven’t received the answer to my inquiry within 4 days, I assume the 123HelpMe support is simply non-existent.


Is 123HelpMe Safe?

The answer to this question depends on how you’re going to use their materials. Obviously, they cannot offer 100% originality by Turnitin, as the same essays from the database can be used by many students. So, is 123HelpMe plagiarism? No, if you use the samples as intended – for reference and inspiration.

On the other hand, once I discovered issues with the service’s support, my first question was, “Is 123HelpMe legit and reliable at all?” And while I’m far from claiming that it’s all scam, the absence of refunds and basic guarantees prompt using this website with caution.

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While 123HelpMe may seem like a great solution for busy students, there are many improvements that could be made to this academic database. Paper samples will help you get the right direction when you are lost with all writing requirements. Though you cannot be sure of the quality you get by paid subscription, this tool can well be used to get out of writer’s block. However, if you need high-quality custom content, try looking elsewhere.

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