Wow Essays Has Dropped a New Premium Essays Database, and I Have Tested It

WowEssays Premium

Today, I have something different for you. I’ve been scanning the Web for a new writing service to shine a spotlight on, but instead, I’ve stumbled upon the info about a Premium database WowEssays has released not long ago. You might remember these guys. I’ve already examined their writing and editing services, with some cool features like the choice of writers. However, since there is already a whole review on that, I won’t get into details. Read more on that here.

Anyway, this new thing has piqued my interest. I’ve decided to test it in the name of all broke students who always look for premium essay help at a bargain price. We will look at the prices, ways to find essays in the database, the quality of the samples, and of course, discuss all the benefits and downsides of this new product.


Can You Finally Buy Pre-Written Essays, Then?

No, not exactly. WowEssays Premium database is this ginormous library of academic samples. It’s like their free database on steroids. Yet if a free database is only about 80,000 samples, Premium is 1,000,000 (and counting)! To access all this wealth, you must buy a subscription plan.

Prices range from about a tenner for a week to a hefty $89.99 for a six-month period, which looks much more lucrative once you’ve applied some elementary math. There are four plans: 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. The longer the subscription period, the more you save. And with WowEssays, it indeed means spending like 2-3 times less if you opt for a more extended plan, not just some couple of bucks as it often happens with subscriptions.

WowEssays Premium prices

Still, you can check it out right now and see whether they have what you’ve been looking for. You can search, browse, and see previews even without a plan, yet you can’t read any pre-written paper in full or download it. These features are subscription-only.

How Can You Use Already Written Essays?

So how can you use this WowEssays Premium database? In a nutshell, the same way you could use their free database – as a source of info, inspiration, and guidance. If you learn better by following an example (and there is a heck of a lot of examples here!) – you should definitely think about getting a subscription.

The quantities of samples in the paid database are mind-boggling, and the chances of finding just the right thing are pretty high. Not 100%, perhaps, as with custom-made samples. Still, it’s a great value for the money, considering that even with discounts, you couldn’t afford to order a sample every single time. Whereas with the subscription, you have unlimited access. Psychology? – Here you go. Sociology? – How much time do you have? Finance – Would 11,000 papers be enough? The access is instant. You don’t have to wait – all the essays already done for you.

What you cannot do, however, is to take them and submit them as your own. Not that anyone could stop you, of course, but it really is not in your interest. First of all, the database, even with restricted access, is still opened to other users – not exclusively to you. So you cannot possibly tell if the essay that caught your eye wasn’t already submitted by someone who turned out to be quicker than you. Second, that’d be cheating, my friend.


Closer Look at WOW Essays Search Engine

Okay, given that Premium is probably the biggest library of essays out there (at least, as far as I know), the question of how to find the right one is also a biggie.

First thing you can do is to look for the category you need. Samples are grouped by type of paper (argumentative essays, scholarship essays, theses, creative writing, etc.) By hovering over each type, you will see how many works are gathered under the category. As a rule, the number is staggering. Now, they might not all be the best essays ever written. They vary in style and academic level. Yet most of them are decent, to say the least, and you can learn a thing or two from them.

WowEssays premium essays

Then, there is the topics catalog. Categories there are as broad as Health, People, or History, and as specific as Blindness, Semiotics, or… Batman. I wish I could have a couple of days to spare for just reading those.

The third way to look for essays is using the search bar. For example, I’ve got an assignment on English and Literature to write about the novel Little Women. I just type it in the search bar and use WowEssays’ internal search engine.

WowEssays Premium search

How to Become the Ultimate WowEssays Essay Finder

However, all three search methods return an unmanageable number of examples, so it can take ages just looking through the results. That can be very entertaining, but your goal is to find that sample ASAP. After all, that is why you are online and not at your school library.

In that case, you should do what all smart essay finders do – apply filters!

There is a filters menu on the page with search results (whichever of the three methods you use.) There, you can select a type of paper, your topic, and even set the number of pages you are aiming for. For example, I need a biography of Steve Jobs that is no shorter than 3 pages and no longer than 15.

WowEssays Premium filters

Then, you click “Apply” and enjoy a more reasonable number of select essays. Now you’re talkin’.

If I had to point out any flaws in this database, I would say it needs more filters for a more precise search. Also, it needs more linguistic variety – all essays are in English, whereas examples are particularly beneficial to language learners. I wish I could find some samples for my French class. (*sighs in Texan*)

Okay, jokes aside, I reckon this database deserves its name, even if not every single essay is of premium quality. It offers you a choice – and unlimited access to make it.


Best Place to Find Best Academic Essays

I suppose it’s time to wrap up this mess by doing what all reviews do – dishing out the rating. I think 9 out of 10 is fair. Maybe even 10 out of 10, but I’m not in a generous mood today (I still have that French essay to write.) However, even in sheer numbers, this database has no rivals. I mean, it’s humongous! So, just statistically speaking, they probably have some of the best essays online.

Totally recommend trying it out for yourself at least for a week (at this price, it’s not exactly a splurge, amirite?) Plus, a 7-day subscription is perfect for dipping your toes into the database because, unlike other plans, it’s not automatically renewable, so you don’t even have to cancel. When it expires, you won’t be charged again and can just forget about it if it’s not your thing.

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WowEssays Premium Rating Is 9/10
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Launched and supported by the long-established writing company, the WowEssays Premium sample database is a niche product for students who don’t consider paying essay mills for writing done instead of them. For such performers, the vast directory of academic papers of all shapes and sizes makes a great writing assistance tool and a virtually inexhaustible source of content ideas – not that bad for a very modest price!


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